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Sagacious Irish voters, we urge upon you to vote for your local Independent Candidates in the forthcoming General Elections 2016. Independents are totally free. They do not have to look to the party high ups for taking decisions of the local government.

Inside the Dáil, the Independent representatives will vote freely to benefit the citizens they represent. The Independents are not affiliated to any political party. So, no influence of party politics and no group politics. Rest assured the Independents are poles apart. You can trust them for standing up for Your Community and for Watching Your Interests.

Wikipedia says, "Independents may hold a centrist viewpoint between those of major political parties. A position that is not extreme because it is neither left-wing nor right-wing." An Independent is free from influence, control of others; he/she is nonpartisan and has the capacity to broach ideas that mainstream politicians prefer to leave aside because of party discipline.

A political satirist depiction of our upcoming General Election and anniversary. #1ND #GE15 #GE16 #Right2Water #Vinb

Posted by Paul Clarke - Independent on Monday, 27 July 2015

Why Should You Vote an Independent?


Trust is the only thing politics rests on. When a candidate approaches you for your vote, he is seeking your trust. When you vote a candidate, you repose your trust in him or her. By voting an Independent you create a mutual trust, and on the strength of that trust you can meet with him/her to discuss any issue with full hope that he/she will deal with it directly at its merit. Party candidates, on the other hand, are always obliged to take issues to party headquarters for addressing them. An independent is free to tackle issues promptly and without any compromise. An Independent representative is certainly your confidant.

Independents Syncretize for Better Working

Independents are free to muster support by arguing their case and forming alliances on an issue by issue basis without a whip behind them. Party politics is ‘group thinking’ as representatives are forced to support or be silent on an issue just to suit a party’s inner compulsions. Even the so called opposition in two or three party system fails as representatives are compelled to go against their conscience on certain issues. At times a confrontational approach leads to unwarranted division and unstable government. Independents, by virtue of their freedom, can choose on issues ensuring that policies are debated, voted and framed by a real majority rather than political expediency. The Independents can ensure democracy in its ultimate form.

Paradigm Shift in Government Formation

Consider the changing trend in America; starting with George Washington an Independent to be elected twice to the White House, 13 Independent Presidential candidates out of 23 declared are in the fray. The notion that Independents cannot form a government, is fast changing. Strong cues indicate that there is high probability of Independents forming at least a part of the next government. There is growing inclination among the voters to favour the Independents for their pragmatic approach and it will not be a big wonder to see some Independent Ministers in the next Irish government.

Representatives, Leaders, Party Political Culture, Loyalty, and Whips Party politics has played havoc with the aspirations of the public. On being elected, party candidates tend to shift loyalty. The public that voted them is completely ignored. Instead, these representatives start serving the interests of their leaders and the party. This misplaced sense of loyalty is the bane of Irish politics. The Independent representatives are free from such influences; to them nothing is above the love and trust of the people. Independents, have no party whips to fear. They debate an issue, take a considered stand, vote for or against and contribute positively in policy making. On the other hand, by adhering to party stand, the representatives negate the very system of democracy when they withdraw from debate on the dictates of the party whip.

National Concerns and International Vision

Distractors sometimes alleged that the Independents are not oriented to think nationally. Hasn’t this Dáil proved the distractors wrong? Just recall, who held the government to account other than the Independent TD's. The Independents grouped successfully and proposed viable alternative strategies to introduce national legislation in the Dáil. Independents do think locally, but they move on to the right things at national level as well. Their perception is that communities should be heard and local concerns should be addressed on priority. This is the just way to engage in constructive debate and arrive at workable solutions. It seems that parties are scary of the paradigm shift in politics as 'groupthink’ seems to be giving in to Independents.

Political parties too often claim to possess a national vision. However, they have been found wanting in many respects. Their policies have proved to be myopic and unsustainable. They get hitched on party bandwagons, ignoring the public that gave them the mandate. Independents seek to force new ways of thinking whereas Political Parties tend to pursue and impose their myopic views at national level without least concern of the aspiration of the electorate. Parties nurse a wrong notion that the common people do not understand their tricks and that by the next elections they will again be deluded up the garden path on frivolous issues. Time is ripe for party politics to pack up.

Time Ripe for Trying Most Viable Alternatives

Lots of experimentation is going across the globe to bring wider choices in Politics. From two party to three party system, political parties oppose each other for the sake of opposition. They oppose as their existence is at stake. Independents offer a real choice to voters as they are not aligned to any party. An independent TD is free to cultivate alliances with anyone who agrees to support his cause for bringing in development at local community level in Ireland and maintain cordial relationships at the global level. Policies must be debated freely and consensus should be reached freely too. This is what pro-people democracy is about. Independents are above party politics and hence stand better chances of bringing people together in finding the best workable solutions to benefit their communities.

Why Vote?

Voting is a social activity of the highest order. You participate in the decision making process by sending the right representative to the Dáil to voice your issues and concerns. In fact, voting is an investment for the future. Voting allows you to mold the texture of the government. Every single vote makes a big difference. You have the opportunity of electing an independent, who will work within the committees and the house of the Oireachtas to formulate policies and highlight issues that concern you. So, Vote for a Better Choice, Vote for a Better Ireland.

Five Good Reasons to Send an Independent into the Dáil

  1. An Independent is above group politics. Having no vested interests, he or she is only answerable and accountable to you, the citizen and taxpayer. He/she will be Your Voice in the Dáil.
  2. As an Independent derives his/her strength from you, his/her loyalty will remain with you. He/she got to practice honest politics, maintain a standard of public life to ensure your continued support.
  3. Independent TDs are a credible alternative to the outlived party system. They are sure to generate a healthy political dialogue to restore the focus on interest of the common people.
  4. If elected from Dublin Bay North, Paul Clarke the Independent could hold the balance of power. The elderly, sick, disabled, and working people will come first on his political agenda.
  5. Your Independent candidate is well informed to discuss, shape or recommend change to policies that impact the people of Dublin Bay North. His presence in the Dáil will be your strength.

The proto-democracy, as envisaged by Pericles in the 6th Century Athens, “is a system of rule wherein its administration favours the many instead of the few … A true democracy is a form of government in which it derives power from the people and is accountable to them.”

This Illustration shows how and why #votingmatters during elections and not just referendums. #1ND #GE2016 #Right2Water #WaterCharges #Austerity

Posted by Paul Clarke - Independent on Wednesday, 22 July 2015