Paul Clarke Offers a 5-point Plan for Ireland’s Real Security

  1. Increase Garda Recruitment to 500 per Year. Paul supports honoring Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan’s request for an increase in funds to locate additional Garda recruits. This will maintain the capacity and the capability to combat crime and restore the depleted ranks of frontline gardaí.
  2. Reinstate Community Policing Forums. Paul supports returning to building links between the local community and An Garda Sîochána in an attempt to help address local policing issues. A restoration of community policing forums will be an important first step and will generate a dialogue about the issues our local communities face.
  3. Videotape all Garda Suspect and Witness Interviews. Paul supports maintaining an impeccable video record of all interactions between Garda staff, suspects and witnesses. Creating an objective and irrefutable archive of interviews will generate transparency and eliminate opportunities for fraud and corruption.
  4. Abolish the Privatisation of Policing Services. Paul supports the abolishment of outsourcing police services to private companies. Only an explicit law that denies the Garda Commissioner the right to authorize private policing services can ensure that justice rather than profit motive is the main focus of Irish law enforcement.
  5. End Immigration Processing by the Gardaí. Paul supports separating immigration processing from the duties of the Gardaí. Whereas immigration and asylum-seeking are not crimes, processing these activities should be maintained by another agency. Instead, the Garda National Immigration Bureau should alone deal with associated security clearance procedures and investigations of suspected violations of the law.


Paul Clarke, Independent