Paul Clarke Publishes Manifesto of Positions for 2016 General Election Campaign

Paul Clarke, Independent candidate for Dáil Éireann representing Dublin Bay North, has published “A Better Choice Manifesto,” a book designed to highlight and detail his approach to improving the lives of Irish men and women through his campaign..

Dublin, Ireland – June 13, 2015 –“I am so very pleased to present these thoughts to the public,” Clarke noted in a statement. “Unlike some politicians who cannot be bothered to provide a straight answer to any question that might cost them votes, I am not afraid to tell the Irish People where I stand on any issue.” Clarke’s manifesto covers a wide range of topics from the healthcare system to Irish Water, and many points in between. Using a format of bulleted plans, Paul Clarke provides concise explanations of his positions that the average voter can digest and use to hold him accountable. “When has a party politician been willing to present, for the record, a thorough synopsis of the whole campaign for voters to read, study and criticize?” asked Clarke. “I will continue to prove through my honesty and ideas that I am the best candidate for Dublin Bay North in this general election.

Clarke has been a strong voice for democratic representation in Ireland, promoting a process for promoting community control and involvement in the government process. Finishing a few hundred votes shy of election to Dublin City Council in 2014, Paul believes that “A Better Choice Manifesto” will continue to set him apart from other candidates. Those interested in learning more about the Paul Clarke campaign can visit

More information about Paul Clarke’s “Great Constituency” can be obtained by calling +353 89 202 7675 or e-mailing


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