Representing a breath of fresh air in Ireland’s political arena, Artane native dedicates himself to providing a forum for democratic representation of local communities.

Dublin, Ireland – May 8, 2015 – As a native of Artane, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, Paul Clarke has become an independent voice speaking for the residents of Dublin Bay North, boasting a clear understanding of the issues that affect their lives in this constituency.

Now dedicated to bolstering a political position for security of his country and prosperity of the people, Clarke’s present day mission is to provide a forum for the democratic representation of local communities for the purpose of bringing people together – and in so doing to debate and prioritize innovative ideas to improve these communities.

I hail from Artane, and having lived there my whole life I can honestly say I understand the issues that affect the lives in this constituency,” says Clarke. “Over the years, I have been involved in many issues that relate to people’s rights, liberty and justice; as a result, I recognised the need for a new political system for the betterment of our society. I am delighted to be personally involved in helping and serving the people of Ireland, while facilitating a new platform of self-governance to begin the real changes we need.”

With a fierce dedication to taking Irish politics in a new direction, Clarke has focused on specific areas of concern including jobs and the economy, energy and the environment, health and fitness and the budget. Beyond these core issues, he has also been credited for being significantly involved with children and families, Irish post offices, Irish water concerns, consumer protection, economic justice, education, foreclosure crisis management, oil and gas recovery, homelessness, human rights, the unborn, animal welfare, innovation agendas, Iraq and Afghanistan concerns, real security, retirement security, suicide prevention and culture/heritage.

I am convinced that when people become actively involved in participating in the political decision-making process, the call for protesting diminishes and feelings of anger, fear and despair throughout a society become eradicated,”concludes Clarke. “In so doing, behaviours resonating with a mentality of helplessness and apathy are replaced by a sense of ownership and pride – thus producing a happier and preferably more responsible society with much lower crime rates. Ireland needs no party or sham ‘opposition’ nor does it need lies or threats; its people can and must secure its own democratic representation.

I’m here to restore a true republic…a situation that exists when people are constitutionally empowered to restructure bureaucracy towards mutually assured prosperity.”

More information about Paul Clarke’s “Great Constituency” can be obtained by calling +353 89 202 7675 or visiting


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