Paul Clarke has a 3-Point Plan to Protect Irish Oil and Gas Resources

  1. Renegotiate Terms of Oil Sales to Billionaire Oil Companies. Paul believes that the Irish government should be getting more for the Irish people when it gives away our oil and gas resources off the West Coast. Retaining 0% of the energy for Irish energy security and charging only a 25% tax on the company’s profits is not in the best interests of the Irish people.
  2. Create Strict Oversight of Oil and Gas Projects. Paul supports ensuring that any exploitation of the Corrib gas field does not expose the local community in Erris or anywhere else to unnecessary health, safety or environmental risks. The price for gas and oil extraction should not be paid by the residents of Ireland, especially not with their health and wellbeing.
  3. Introduce a Windfall Profit Tax to Benefit All Irish. Paul supports amending the Irish Constitution to allow for the introduction of a Windfall Profit Tax, which will generate a considerable revenue from the sale of Irish oil and gas resources. This will create a “rainy day fund” that can support the Irish people in the current economic situation and well into the future.


Paul Clarke, Independent