Paul Clarke Offers a 8-point Plan to Improve Public Health Care

  1. Add 1,000 more beds to Irish hospitals. Paul supports opening 1,000 more beds in Irish hospitals as the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation called for earlier this year. The current crisis in Irish medicine is made decidedly worse by the fact that our hospitals do not have the capacity for everyone that needs treatment.
  2. Streamline admission systems to keep current beds open. Paul supports implementing effective pre-operative assessments that allow patients to be admitted for elective surgery the day of surgery, rather than the night before. In addition, Paul supports establishing practices that allow patients to be discharged earlier in the day after treatment to free up beds for patients who urgently need them.
  3. Improve efficiency in the system to end waiting list bottle necks. Paul supports creating a specialised short-stay unit for patients that need quick diagnosis and treatment, as well as access to senior doctors and specialists early in their treatment that can quickly and efficiently diagnose the patient and make necessary preparations should surgery or other treatments be required.
  4. Encourage alternative treatments for Cancer. Paul supports the exploration and potential implementation of alternative treatments for cancer such as Gc-MAF protein that have shown serious potential in eradicating cancer in patients altogether. Irish medicine should do more to educate cancer patients about the potential of such treatments, which are far less expensive than conventional treatments and may in fact be more effective.
  5. Discourage Euthanasia for sufferors. Paul supports measures that discourage the promotion of euthanasia and assisted suicide as a practice in Ireland. Without impeding a patient’s right to refuse treatment, which is a fundamental and natural right of all human beings, Ireland must send a clear message that, just as the life of an unborn child is precious, so too is the life of any person suffering from any injury or illness. As such, Ireland must endeavour to provide all its citizens the best opportunity to alleviate pain and suffering without communicating acceptance of euthanasia or suicide as a means for achieving that goal.
  6. Ensure information is shared throughout a patient’s treatment. Paul supports implementing digital information systems that allow a patient’s diagnosis and treatment path to be clearly visible to appropriate health care providers throughout that patient’s journey through the health care system. This will dramatically decrease treatment times, improve patient outcomes, and reduce the burden placed on NHS when there are gaps or redundancies in a patient’s treatment.
  7. Maintain clear and measurable standards for emergency care. Paul supports designing and implementing standards for emergency care that are clear, articulable, and measurable in order to improve patient experiences and outcomes are consistent from patient to patient. Every patient deserves the best treatment and the best care. The only way to ensure that all patients are receiving the best care possible is to design and hold health care workers to standards for care that are uniform in their implementation.
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Paul Clarke, Independent