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The New Direction Election Manifesto of Independent Candidate Paul Clarke
Casts Gloom in Party Based
Political Quarters


The release of A Better Choice Manifesto by Paul Clarke, Independent Candidate from Dublin Bay North, focusing on the urgency of responsive governance, has almost taken the wind out of the sails of party candidates expecting to make to Dáil Éireann hitched on their party wagons.

Setting the tone with his election pitch “The Security of the Country, The Prosperity of the People,” and handing out the Manifesto to the media, Paul Clarke disclosed, “My 5 Point Plan for Economic Justice encompasses Children and Families, Jobs and the Economy, Participatory Budgeting, Natural Resources, and Ireland’s Water.”

An in-depth study of the 5 Point Plan reveals that there could not be a more comprehensive road map to a vibrant Ireland where all aspirations of the hardworking people of this land can surely be fulfilled. The Independent Candidate has emerged as a face of all those Irish nationals who have come to realize that party politics is only a dictatorial instrument of government. It provides a small minority with an authority to rule over the people as a whole. These nationals are of the firm conviction that now is the time to root this scourge out.

To satisfy the inquisitive in the media, Mr Clarke elaborated, “ The economic revival can be achieved through reduction of VAT to 5% on all housing repair, maintenance and improvement projects up to a value of €50,000; enabling Start-ups to offset Corporation Tax against Other Taxes Due for 5 years; reducing the Capital Gains Tax for entrepreneurs to 16.5%; introducing a targeted Rates Reduction for businesses in town centres; introducing a Double Rent Deduction for companies with upward only Rent Reviews; applying an ‘Ireland Rate of Return’ in tendering decisions for Public Sector contracts; introducing an Additional Tax Incentive Policy to encourage Private Sector Investment; promoting Ireland as the Best Possible Location for Near shoring; mandating all Government Research Funding Agencies to set aside 2.5% of their budget for SMEs; and introducing further operational initiatives to promote business interests.”

Through this, Paul made it clear to all that he had done his homework well. That being raised in a hard-working Irish family, he understands the aspirations of the people of Dublin Bay North best, he is well aware of the issues that face them, and that he is competent enough to protect their rights and interests. Paul added, “It is my mission to cultivate a forum for local people’s involvement in decision-making under the provisions of article 28A of Bunreacht na hÉireann, which calls for “a forum for the democratic representation of local communities.”

Paul has worked in numerous technology-related positions over the years, and his career has focused on driving innovation and growing the technology industry in Ireland. Currently, Paul serves as a Business Development Manager at, one of the fastest-growing Web Development firms in the market. That Paul ran as an Independent candidate for the Dublin City Council in 2014 in the Beaumont/Donaghmede ward, establishes his bona fides and credentials.

Having emerged as a voice of the people, Paul Clarke has set the tone for a strong debate on a material as vital as water; that it should be affordable to every family in this great country and this natural source should not be surrendered to the unknown intentions of a corporate entity. He enquired, “When these basic expectations are no longer met, what are we to do?” To this, the unanimous response from the audience was, “Change! We say, there must be a change!”

Taking over from them, Paul resumed, “The entire government budget should be in the hands of people we can trust. When we run our businesses, pay our taxes, an exact accounting of what we earn and what we spend is expected, then why should our government run its affairs differently? We demand an annual reporting, accountability, and transparency from our government.”

The Independent candidate exhorted the gathering, “When career politicians decide that advancing their partisan political agenda and clinging to power is more important than serving the public and improving the lot of the people who work day and night and pay taxes to provide social parity in this country, it becomes our responsibility to end the corrupt regime by sending a strong and decisive message on the Election Day.”

Paul recalled the supreme sacrifices of the brave and resilient people of Ireland whose only dreams were that their coming generations could live with dignity and pride. Paul emphasized, “We have a choice, and we have a chance to pay our tributes to those great heroes by arming the people with the right to recall (i.e. to un-elect) any representative who fails in his duty to carry the mandate of the Constituency. If such an exceptional measure be required, it shall be decided by a binding Constituency plebiscite.”

The Independent candidate seemed to have thoroughly deliberated before setting his priorities. His developmental agenda, The New Direction, as he calls it, envisages to improve public healthcare, protect life, ensure mental health of all, provide retirement security, eradicate poverty, maintain peace and neutrality, promote Post Offices as national asset, check environment depletion, encourage agroforestry adopting Cuban pattern, greening the capital for sustainable future, promoting animal friendliness, investing more in higher education, and to protect Irish Heritage and create a positive image abroad of Irish culture and people.

Making a call for action, Paul said, “Ousting long time plutocrats and restoring sanity to Dublin is not something that will happen on its own. It will require a large number of concerned citizens to collaboratively muster an effort to replace these cronies. These efforts shall involve marshalling of forces to change the direction of a community positively. These focused actions called ‘campaigns,’ require manpower, and they also require financial resources. That is a simple fact in politics as the candidate with the deepest pockets wins the elections. We need to change this adage.”

To conclude his interaction, Paul Clarke checked up, “Can I count on you to join Clarke’s Corps? Can you muster a powerful donation of €25, €50, or €100 to help launch my campaign and strike a blow to corruption, fraud and abuse in government and party politics? Can you stand up for the hard-working people of Dublin, grown weary of the assaults by Irish Water?”

The reaction of the gathering was obvious. The overwhelming response to this call made one fact sure that this Warrior for the People is poised to prove a formidable contestant. He has endeared himself to the people who place Irish pride above their comforts and earnestly want to restore proper order to Dublin. They are determined to support, promote, and vote Mr Paul Clarke to power. For, to them, he is definitely a Better Choice; he truly represents their aspirations and has the verve to translate their dreams into reality.