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Clarke In Demand For Dublin Bay North


The announcement by Independent candidate, Mr Paul Clarke, of contesting for Dublin Bay North constituency in the forthcoming General Elections has sent jitters among other aspirants who are seeking to be projected as party candidates.

The Election this time will be fought on the plank of representative democracy versus direct democracy. Mr. Paul Clarke, the independent candidate, is a strong votary of direct democracy. He is of the firm conviction that direct democracy alone can provide a direct access to the general public that is so vital for constructive decision making, inclusive prosperity, and to sincerely watch the interests of our people and our country.

In a recent interface with the media, Mr Clarke said, “We need a new beginning. We need a new political system, a new platform that ensures self-governance in its real sense, and which operates to bring in the positive changes that we need for a better future of our society”.

Elaborating on the concept of direct democracy, the Independent candidate said that in representative democracy a candidate is pitched as a candidate of a particular political party. He, as a representative of that party, has little choice but to tow the party lines. On the other hand, in direct democracy, it is the public that has the say even beyond voting.

He quoted the successful example of Switzerland where the public has enjoyed the concept of such self-governance for over two hundred years. He asked the gathering to recall the sacrifices of the forgotten heroes and heroines of the Easter Rising of 1916. The historic event will be a century old in 2016. His eyes were askance, “Do we not still deserve self-rule for which our ancestors made unforgettable sacrifices, to realize a dream for us their progeny, and that we may bask in an environment where liberty and justice prevail”.

Mr. Clarke is no novice, he is running for the second time as an Independent Dáil Éireann candidate for Dublin Bay North in the forthcoming General Elections. Previously in 2011, he ran for the General Elections for Dublin North Central, and for the Local Elections in 2014 for the Beaumont/Donaghmede ward, but was short of mere 300 votes for getting elected that too on a low budget campaign.

Though Paul is running his small business, he is the Founder of the first Pan European Organization. Founded in 2011, this organization is pro-direct democracy and works to promote the new concepts of self-governance. In 2013, he brought together distinguished experts to make an in depth analysis of Irish sacrifices, especially during Irish Civil War of 1922. He feels vehemently that a relook at the past is vital for creating a sustainable agenda for bringing essential modern reforms.

Prompted to spell out his election pitch, Mr. Paul Clarke said, “The Security of the Country, The Prosperity of the People, has always been my guiding principle. I commit to provide €10,000 from my yearly salary to local clubs, groups and organisations. I am in favour of reforming the Seanad. I am against Water Charges and am campaigning to keep the Irish post offices open. I am Pro-Life and an inclusive leader in favour of free and fair local referendums in order to bring people together and prioritize innovative ideas to improve their communities”.

For inclusive prosperity through fair public referendums, we are in dire need of leaders who can campaign relentlessly for pro-public system of governance. Where will the voters and general public of Dublin Bay North come by a better choice other than Paul Clarke? Empower Paul to see more democracy in public sector and economy and prove that you are the architect of your future and of the future inheritors of our beloved Ireland.