Paul Clarke Offers a 4-point Plan to Restore Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Adopt a system of participatory budgeting at the local level. Paul supports allowing the community to decide collectively on how to spend part, if not all, of the community’s budget. This will allow local citizens to actively engage in debating and deciding how to spend the public’s money.
  2. Hold monthly meetings to discuss future spending proposals. Paul supports creating regular neighborhood and municipal meetings where citizens along with elected officials propose ideas on how to allocate the local budget. This increases government transparency and reduces corruption at the local level.
  3. Invite the participation of all groups in local budget building. Paul supports creating an opportunity for all groups, including women and children as well as the rural and urban poor, to have a voice in local budget decision-making. This builds support for the local budget, helping ensure satisfactory implementation and total community support.
  4. Maintain local oversight of future public spending. Paul supports the long-term development of fiscal oversight at the local level. This will return Ireland to a trend toward true democracy and restore the nation’s understanding of citizenship.


Paul Clarke, Independent