Paul Clarke Offers a 8-point Plan to Improve Education

  1. Invest in higher education. Paul Clarke supports ensuring educational opportunities are available for citizens who seek to gain necessary life skills. He is cognisant of those who require our help and supports with special needs as well as those struggling to attain college placements with little support to help them through these important years.
  2. Support children with special needs and their families. Paul Clarke supports introducing means by which supports are maintained for families of children with special needs while working to assist these families as they strive to remain active and participating members of the community and economy.
  3. Develop low-cost grant support programs. Paul Clarke supports introducing full grant/low-cost loan support measures for worker training and up-skilling as well as for all those entering into third-level education. He also supports similar programs for those returning to third level education, especially including those citizens returning home from serving overseas.
  4. Broaden the school curriculum. Paul Clarke supports widening the second-level school curriculum to include subjects such as philosophy, life skills and civic skills as a method for enhancing students’ interest in their studies and excelling in their strengths.
  5. Introduce a Standard High School Certificate. Paul Clarke supports developing a curriculum structure for our schools that maintains relevance to both vocational and academic interests. He hopes to see the development of a Standard High School Certificate, geared toward practically gifted students who will aim towards internships and apprenticeships after school and springboard these students toward further educational development.
  6. Protect school choice and placement availability. Paul Clarke supports making capital improvements and providing for new building projects as school placement needs are expected to rise nearly 19% by 2021.
  7. Provide Irish Language education and development. Paul Clarke supports keeping Irish Language education available through direct instruction to assist in greater integration within the Irish community. He supports maintaining Irish Language instruction as an active part of the curriculum at the primary and secondary levels through to Standard High School Certificate level.
  8. School Discipline. Paul Clarke supports maintaining good behaviour standards and codes of practice within the school environment. He also supports promoting any initiative which expands anti-bullying policies both in and outside of school.


Paul Clarke, Independent