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Clarke’s Corps

a chara,

If you have been living in Dublin as long as I have, you know that things have changed. Sadly, things have also stayed the same. As the city struggles to pay mounting debt, and the citizens fight to keep what they have, the same party scammers have their way in the halls of power. I’d like to say that these career politicians are fools for thinking they can continue to get away with settling for inaction when serious deliberation and difficult decisions are required. However, we as voters have not done enough to send that message.

Ousting longtime plutocrats and restoring sanity to Dublin is not something that will happen automatically. It will require a large number of concerned citizens to collaboratively muster an effort to replace these cronies. There is a reason these efforts are called ‘campaigns.’ It is truly a marshaling of forces designed to change the direction of a community. These actions require manpower, but they also require financial resources. That is a simple fact in politics. 90% of the time, the candidate with the deepest pockets wins.

In the 2016 General Elections, I aim to be a member of the 10% that overcome the odds and win in spite of the deck stacked against them. I cannot deny that I may be outspent by opponents who are financed by corporate interests and the investors that support them. But with a corps of committed, authentic supporters, I know that I can overcome the advantage my opponents possess and prove the adage that there are some things money cannot buy.

Can I count on you to join Clarke’s Corps? Can you muster a powerful donation of €25, €50, or €100 to help launch my campaign and strike a blow for the hard-working people of Dublin, grown weary of the assaults by Irish Water? Of corruption, fraud and abuse in government and party politics at its worst? Each donation puts one more volunteer on the streets to share my message, and one more nail in the coffin of Politics As Usual. After finishing within a few hundred votes of Dublin City Council in 2014, I am poised for election as a Warrior for the People. Your donation will be the ammunition that puts my 2016 campaign over the top. Together, we will restore proper order to Dublin and the great country in which we are privileged to reside.


Paul Clarke, Independent