Paul Clarke has a 4-Point Plan
to Protect Ireland’s
Children and Families

  1. Adopt Early Intervention and Prevention Programmes. Paul supports taking tested and effective action to promote healthy physical, emotional and behavioral development in Ireland’s young children from the earliest possible moment. The cost of helping new families provide a nurturing environment for their newborn child is a fraction of the expense borne by all when a child doesn’t mean health benchmarks in their development.
  2. Create Community Ensure Universal and Targeted Parent Supports. Paul supports ensuring all parents have access to resources, programmes and supports that will ensure children have the best possible start in life. This means coordinating local committees and community-based organizations to ensure that funding is available and spent appropriately to provide the greatest assistance possible to these families.
  3. Review the Effectiveness of Existing Services. Paul supports conducting an audit of currently available child and family services funding and ensuring that money currently allocated for these purposes is used in an effective manner. Contributing greater resources to a problem only makes sense if it can be shown through analysis that current spending is meaningful and contributing to the health and success of Irish children and families.
  4. Put the Wellbeing of Irish Children First. Paul supports government action that elevates the needs and interests of Ireland’s most vulnerable citizens, including its children. While not every need can be addressed through government spending, the Irish government owes a debt to its future and the future of Irish children, who will be responsible for relieving the burdens our government casts upon them in our current financial crisis.


Paul Clarke, Independent

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Posted by Paul Clarke - Independent on Wednesday, 24 February 2016