Paul Clarke has a 5-Point Plan to Protect the Irish Post Office Network

  1. Maintain All Irish Post Offices. Paul believes that all Irish Post Office are essential in promoting social and financial inclusion for all people and local businesses. Rather than allowing the Post Office Network to languish and fail, preventing closures will strengthen Ireland’s economic connections.
  2. Promote the Post Office’s Role in Supporting the Irish People. Paul supports securing the role of Post Offices in delivering DSP payments. Although commercial delivery services grow in popularity, the Irish government can utilize the Post Office Network to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of the infirm, elderly, and generally disadvantaged.
  3. Recognise the Post Office Network as a National Asset. Paul supports making the Post Offices the provider of choice and front office for all Government services. Motor Tax, Hospital Charges and Local Authority Payments can all be made through the Postal Service, ensuring the Post Office Network’s future and guaranteeing the highly skilled workers in this sector remain well-positioned assets for the promotion of Ireland’s welfare.
  4. Instruct An Post to Cease and Desist. Paul supports ending any actions by An Post related to Post Pay which could be construed as establishing an alternative network. By protecting the Post Office Network, Ireland guarantees that a service which benefits all citizens will still be available in the future.
  5. Insure the Post Office’s Financial Viability. Paul supports conducting a study which will complete a commercial review of the Network and take proper steps to ensure it remains financially viable for the next five to seven years.

Ref: Irish Postmaster's Union


Paul Clarke, Independent